Featured Print: Shika

Photo of a deer in street in Urban Japan
Photo of a deer in street in Urban Japan

Shika (Deer in Japanese) by Mark Lobo

From the Photographer:

“Although I spent much of my childhood in Japan, and still head back over to Tokyo at least once a year, there are still quite a number of beautiful and interesting places that I had always longed to visit.
One of those places was Nara, which is home to several historically significant artworks and temples, and also to several hundred wild deer (“Shika” in Japanese). With deer casually roaming around old sites, dating back to the 8th century, it made for quite a dreamlike experience.

As I started to walk down towards one of the most notable temples in the area, I saw this deer staring me down, standing perfectly still in the centre of the road. Unsure of whether it saw me as a threat or not, I slowly crouched down and photographed it as it looked straight down my lens. With street vendors setting up for a summer light festival that night, people were starting to gather, making for a surreal portrait of this beautiful animal.”

Photo of a deer in street in Urban Japan framed in black timber on white wall above sofa

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