Story Behind the Print, Iceland Foothills

Icelandic Landscape Photography Print
Icelandic Landscape Photography Print

Christopher Tung, born and raised in Melbourne, is a landscape and travel photographer.
Chris’ love of travel and adventure has taken him to many inspiring places for his photography, from the great modern cities to some of the most amazing national parks and hiking trails. However, it is in the outdoors, where he draws his deepest influences. Carrying a camera with him on every adventure, he is able to capture the magnificent wonder and rugged beauty of nature.
From the photographer:
Looking for the next place to explore on foot, it became obvious there was no better country than Iceland.
We headed inland on a monster truck sized four-wheel drive to start our hike in Thorsmork. I was filled with amazement at the incredible beauty of the harsh and desolate Icelandic landscape. There is truly nothing in the world quite like it and I knew the best was yet to come.
Hiking to the top of the mountain ridge in Thorsmork that afternoon, we were graced with the golden light of the sun setting on the landscape around us. It created a breathtaking panorama of highlights, shadows, lines and shapes I had never seen before.
These are the moments I live for.