5 Tips to Make Art The Focal Point of Your Interiors

Incorporating art in your interiors makes for a timeless decor element. It has the potential to uplift your interiors by adding colour, emotion and so much spirit to any room! However too often, art is treated as more of an accent piece as opposed to a bold focal point. Many a times, this happens because each piece of art is unique and finding the perfect setting for it can be quite daunting. So, how do you do it and do it well at that? Here are 5 simple tips you can use to display your art pieces and transform your interiors!

Think Big
While most people like to take baby steps when it comes to art, why not do the other way and make a statement! Think of creating a view for your room – pick a bold design or a striking pattern and use it to set the scene of the room, while complementing it with other décor accents of similar or contrasting colours.

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‘Press on to your destination’ print from One Fine Print
Photographed by Peter Ryle, Styled by Jacqui Moore for Second Chance Tables.

Be Innovative with Your Choices
Art should be chosen subjectively. It doesn’t matter how renowned or valuable a piece of art is, what matters is what speaks to you! It doesn’t even have to be convention art pieces; you could go for an abstract installation that spoke to you or even use different textures to create art. For instance, you can create a gorgeous wall tapestry using a premium cowhide rug and create an innovative design of your own!

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Match the Art to the Wall
When picking art for your home, keep in mind the flow of the room you would like to display it in. It is always better to choose the design or print based on where you intend to display it. Every room is constructed differently and has different layouts. Suppose a room has lots of windows with thin verticals in between them, you can adapt to it by choosing a design or multiple pieces and stack them vertically.

Show it off the Right Way
Displaying your art is simply a matter of preference. Frames are a great way to define and highlight your artwork. You can use a sleek, delicate frame or a sturdy, dramatic one depending on the vibe you are going for. You can even try different types of frame styles for a more unique look! Another aspect to keep in mind while displaying the art is where it is put up. It doesn’t even have to be placed on a wall, you could set it on the floor leaning against the wall and compliment that with a low seating arrangement so everything is at eye level and the artwork gets the required attention!

Light it up
And last but not the least, the best way to make your artwork the focal point of the room is by arranging the flow of the room in a way that highlights it. While you can point your furniture at it, like most of us do with televisions, you can use a variety of lights and lighting options to ensure your guest give your beloved piece of art more attention than just a wavering look!
So, there you have it – instead of worrying about how to rightly display your favourite design or work of art in an existing setting, you can simply modify your setting by following the tips mentioned above to ensure it gets the necessary attention!

Author Bio:
Mom, innovator, entrepreneur, and designer are some of the titles Kura Perkins goes by. Polarity is a word she loves as she joyfully juggles four businesses across multiple countries and three kids! Kura founded her first brand ‘Art Hide’ while on tour working as a PR specialist. She now handles marketing and communications for her various businesses and regularly writes and contributes to various platforms educating people about the beauty and benefits of cowhides, homewares, entrepreneurialism and all things related! When she’s not working or writing, she can be found relaxing at the beach with her husband and her three beautiful daughters.