At home with Jessica and Jason

A areial photographic print of the top of a green tree with dark background taken by Elizabeth Bull on bedroom wall

Jessica and Jason live in newly renovated  single fronted terrace home in Fitzroy North. It’s a georgeous light-filled contemporary space with a streamlined modern-industrial aesthetic.

Jessica and Jason were eager to fill their home with meaningful and classic pieces. They didn’t want to be swayed by what was in fashion or a fad but were eager to seek out furnishings which complimented their lifestyle and tastes.

We are honored that they felt  One Fine Print fitted the bill.

Their home  is modern classic, with industrial and factory inspired features. So they’ve picked furnishings which highlight these features thrown in with a little bit if a luxurious feel.

At Home with Jessica & Jason

How do you feel when you come home?

The house was fully renovated when we purchased it so we wanted to décor in a style that made it ours. I feel lucky every time I walk through my front door.

It is my place where I feel happy and content.

Why did you choose a One Fine Print for your home?

Looking for artwork for our new home was really daunting.

By chance we walked past the Pop-Up Shop on Smith Street and loved what we saw, but what really made us come in again was the helpfulness for such novice artwork people.

The help and advice we received with the style and size of images for our home was fantastic.

We felt sincerely really comfortable and reassured that we had chosen the right pieces.

Still Print One Fine Print

 Where did you hang your new prints?

Two in our living/dining space and one in the master bedroom.

 What do you love about them?

Each of the three prints have a little meaning for us and they just fit so well in our home.

What was your experience like finding art/photography prior to discovering One Fine Print?

Very frustrating. We had actually just given up looking for a while. It’s a big commitment to buy a good piece of artwork so you need to make sure its right for you and the space your hanging it. One Fine Print helped immensely with this process.

Can you describe your experience with One Fine Print? Would you recommend us to others?

A really enjoyable and exciting experience. We were just so happy to find such amazing prints and such great advice. Would highly recommend!!

industrial photography print in home