At home with Julie

A horizontal abstract aerial photo of water taken in Australia in colour of blue, green and grey

Julie wandered into the store one afternoon absolutely stoked that we’d popped- up in her local area of Brunswick.

A proud local and a lover of art and all things creative she instantly fell in love

with Alluvial, a Paul Hoelen print.

She’d been thinking for a while that she a  teal coloured piece of art would compliment her spare room perfectly and couldn’t believe her luck that we had the perfect piece right there for her. Within moments a decision was made and I couldn’t help but get caught up in the excitement she felt about finding that perfect piece to compliment her home.  Her excitement was infectious and a real compliment and boost in confidence to me in what we were doing and what we stood for.  Julie continues to be a beautiful supporter of One Fine Print and even rearranged the existing art in her house so she could fit in her other favourite print, Press on to your destination.  Thanks Julie we really appreciate all your support.

We asked Julie to tell us about her personal style and how One fine print works in her home….

A horizontal abstract aerial photo of water taken in Australia in colour of blue, green and grey

At Home with Julie and One Fine Print

How would you describe the style of your home?

Good question – I guess the style of my home is relatively modern, functional and has a level of comfort, warmth and quality about it and is an expression of my personality.

Therefore I look for ‘statement pieces’.


I have always appreciated the warmth of wood and so have an array of wooden furniture (red gum, jarra, cedar) which is complemented by a couple comfortable red leather lounges.  Art work is important in my home and I have built an interesting collection over time – each one with a story behind it.

What inspired this style? How do you feel when you come home?

I love coming home! The home that I have created allows me to enjoy my space and it is a nurturing space to replenish my energy.  I am also into investing in quality classic pieces that stand the test of time. I invest a lot of thinking in my choices and many choices are attached to fabulous memories.
Why did you choose a One Fine Print for your home?


Choosing a One Fine Print was very easy…


It was just waiting for me to walk through the door!   I just had to find it!   The room that I had created as a workspace needed a statement piece; something striking to demand the eye and to generate some wonder. I was looking for some colour in the first instance and found SO MUCH more in the chosen photo.  I like. I love the print so much that I went back for a second piece for another room – my log truck print is one of the first things to greet me as I come home.  I love it!

Where did you hang your new print/s?

I have one print in my work space (home-office – spare room) and it is situated within a large wall space.  The second print is in my Livingroom, high above an imposing wooden cabinet – the print completes the room.

What do you love about it/them?

My two prints are quite different. One is an aerial photo of Shark Bay in Western Australia and each time I look at it I see and appreciate something new.  In the first instance the colour is striking and then you get drawn into the shape, softness and movement of the coastline.  The composition of the photo is calming.

My second print is the rear of a log truck heading along the bushland highway into the mysteries of the fog. It takes me to many memories including those of childhood bush holidays and drives in the country. The logs on the truck have such beauty!  It is a stunning print – my very favourite!

Can you describe your experience with One Fine Print? Would you recommend us to others?


I am delighted that I found One Fine Print –

Liz listened so well and came to understand me very quickly.


There’s nothing like a ‘shopping experience’ when you are purchasing a ‘statement piece’. I have already recommended One Fine Print to my friends and anyone else who is interested!  Both prints have contributed much to the ambiance of my home and if I had more wall space I would be looking for yet another!  And with both prints, the delivery and installation was so easy!

Did you use One Fine Print’s home consultation service and/or hanging service? What was this experience like?

Yes, I used One Fine Print’s home consultation and hanging service. And would do it again – the only way to go! Both my prints have been hung professionally by the team and I am pleased that Liz knows that the prints fit so well in their new home!

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