The Design Co.Op Event – 23-25 March

Following on from our positive experience collaborating in early 2017 on a 3-month retail showcase, we’ve partnered with Anaca studio again and created a bespoke weekend to connect, collaborate & learn.

In the true spirit of collaboration, we have united over 13 local Melbourne design businesses to create an exciting bespoke event: The Design Co-Op. 

Spread over three days in March 2018, The Design Co-Op will celebrate the blending of unique Australian design brands and empower attendees to realise that any space can be transformed into a meaningful ‘home’.

​The event aims to strengthen the existing design community, encourage the growth of new networks, promote boutique local design brands, and offer interactive learning opportunities for both industry professionals and the design-savvy public.

When: 23-25 March 2018

The Event


Three guest interior designers, each with their unique sense of style will blend products from The Design Co-Op suppliers to produce a series of living spaces that imaginatively evoke the feeling of ‘home’. The showcase will run the duration of the entire weekend and be open to both trade and the public. It will feature the brands listed previously.

Open Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th of March 10-4pm


The Design Co-Op is bringing together a wondrous pool of knowledge and information ripe for sharing and sparking interesting conversation.

Guest Speakers and Panels to be announced shortly. ​​

A key driver for creating The Design Co-Op was the bringing together of brands, interior designers and design-enthusiasts, who might not otherwise get to meet and exchange ideas.

Please join us for the launch party on Friday 23th of March 6-9pm


By harnessing the collaborative power of its diverse attendees, the event will strengthen relationships, share knowledge, seed ideas, and create more future opportunities for business growth. ​

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