Five Years of One Fine Print

Celebrating One Fine Print

This year marks five years of One Fine Print.  However, the idea behind One Fine Print had been bubbling on my mind for a very long time before I actually launched.  One Fine Print was born because I noticed that I was surrounded by colleagues creating incredible, bold and contemporary photography but I didn’t know of a platform that made it easily accessible to purchase and access this work.  Photographers were too busy creating to spend time getting their work to market. I became passionate about creating a place to promote high quality photography art prints for homes and offices around Australia.

I agonised for a long time about being the person to take this concept to the world until five years ago I fell into an opportunity that I could not take advantage of. So within a matter of months and a lot of hard work, One Fine Print was launched. I am forever grateful to the photographers I reached out to who trusted me to represent their work based on idea I was sprouting. Not to mention all the businesses and friends who got on board to help me create something from nothing.

I am very  thankful to all the clients who have purchased a print along the way. Every single sale helps creative’s keep creating and gives me the stamina and feeds my drive to continue doing what I am doing.

We launched with a pop up store in Smith St, Fitzroy in 2015. To be honest I had completely under estimated the effect One Fine Print had. My little side hustle was blown out of the water and it was from there we went on to do many incredible things.

There are a few highlight images from the last five years, it is a timely reminder to myself of everything we’ve achieved in five years.  A reminder one needs when they are running a business during challenging times…

Thanks for being a part of the journey,

Liz – Founder & Photographer

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