Getting to know photographer, Christopher Tung

a photographer of Christopher Tung with cloud and mountain background
Misty Green Iclandic landscape of mountains and snow

An interview with One Fine Print photographer,

Christopher Tung

Why are you a photographer?  Was there anything specific that you can remember that made you want to become a photographer?

I wanted to be a photographer because it allows me to to share my unique experiences and views of the world with other people through an artistic medium.

One of my first photography experiences was as a teenager on a study trip to China. On one outing, we were to use the local city surrounds as inspiration for an artistic pursuit – drawing, black and white photography or poetry. I chose photography.

Getting the prints back and sharing our photos amongst the group was the most interesting and rewarding part. Although we had all walked the same routes, each person was able to share a different perspective of how they saw the city.

Describe your style.

My style focuses on landscape and street photography. I am drawn to the unpredictable nature of these themes but I always try to look for simplicity in my photography.

With my landscape photography, a lot of the time I will look for shapes or lines created by the landscape which may include mountains, undulating hills, rivers or icebergs. Other times it may be the nice light highlighting a group of trees in a forest or even as simple as interesting clouds in the sky.

Who or what inspires you?

The beauty that mother nature creates inspires me. One scene, particularly landscapes, can be transformed in a matter of seconds just from changes in lighting, cloud, rain or fog.

One minute, the mountain may look flat with the clouds diffusing the sun light. But as the clouds disappear, the more direct harsher light can highlight its rough and rugged nature.

What don’t you shoot?

Typically, I don’t shoot studio or portrait photography.  I like getting out and exploring cities and mother nature.

What is your dream location or project?

As an avid hiker, there are countless countries and trails on my list, from the far-flung such as Snowman Trek in Bhutan and Denali National Park in Alaska to those closer to home such as the Three Capes Track and the Overland Track in Tasmania.

But a dream would be to hike and photograph a long-distance hiking trail such as the Pacific Crest Trail in the US or sections of the Great Himalayan Trail which passes through India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

Iceland Lanscape of Falling Glacier in blue and whilte

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