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Today we bring you some interior design tips and tricks from Interior Designer, Lauren Macer.

Lauren has 10 years interior architecture and design experience in leading architectural firms and interior design practices in Melbourne and London. She founded Sisällä Interior Design in 2010. Sisällä Interior Design is an interior architecture and design studio specializing in highly personalized, responsive and beautiful interior design.

The studio offers a full creative direction and interior design service, ranging from the two- dimensional page to the three-dimensional space, and from the real to the conceptual.




Lauren’s TOP 3 Design Tips

Lighting is so important. 

By placing a few floor or table lamps in every room, you can create instant mood and atmosphere.

They don’t need to be expensive, try West Elm, Freedom and of course ikea.

Indoor plants give a space life and beauty. 

They are a big trend at the moment and are readily available and inexpensive.

If you’re not a green thumb like me, don’t worry.

When they aren’t looking so good, let them regenerate outside and have other plants on rotation.

When purchasing artwork, the bigger the better. 

You want to visually fill the space.  A small piece on the wall can get lost.



What are the rules?

My pet hate is small floor rugs, so go for the largest size you can afford.

The furniture should sit on the rug itself to create a zone.  You don’t want the rug to float around in the middle of the room, you want it to be the anchor.


Interior design advice

About Lauren

Sisällä Interior Design


Why did you get into interior design/styling?
To have the opportunity to improve the way my clients live each day through thoughtful and beautiful design is what interior design is all about for me.

I enjoy the process of learning about their lifestyle and creating a design response that reflects who they are, and that enriches their everyday experience.
Apart from loving beautiful interiors, I also really enjoy the research element of interior design.

There is a constantly evolving world of materials, furniture, lighting and of course artwork that I love to source for my clients.

Please describe your design aesthetic/style?
Sisalla Interior Design creates interiors that reflect a modern Scandinavian vibe however each project is responsive to the individual client and context. The interiors that have a quiet luxury with a few unexpected details.

Favorite place to go for inspiration?
I love travelling for inspiration, however the second best place is Safari Living.  It’s a small boutique on High Street Prahran with a wonderful curated collection of homewares.

Ekk! I’m overwhelmed what can an interior designer do to help me?

I understand how daunting it can be, there are so many (expensive) decisions to be made.

I listen to my clients and try to understand their lifestyle so that I can integrate solutions to suit their individual needs.  Their homes should be a place to enjoy and relax and I want them to fall in love with their home.

I create an overall concept for the interiors, which my clients find helpful as there is a plan in place.

The concept boards show the overall look and feel and the next step is detailing everything into schedules, from the window furnishings, furniture, artwork and even details like a tray on the console at the entry to put the keys on.

I also provide interior architecture service which is like designing from the inside – out.

An interior designer will consider how the clients will live in the space and plan details such as ensuring there is enough wall space to display artwork.

I work with architects and builders to design and document a complete interior package including all finishes and fixtures.


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