Meet the Photographer – Paul Hoelen

Introducing One Fine Print Photographer Paul Hoelen.

How did you get into photography?

In terms of a medium that I could express myself through with the most ease and grace, none shined through more than photography, Quick, accessible, transportable, definitive yet with lots of room for interpretation. Perfect! Since 20 years ago everywhere I travelled I had a camera accessible and began documenting the places, people and moments I was most drawn to and moved by. I found it so much easier than drawing or writing and soon it became my thing. I’ve always been a supporter of people loving what they do and doing what they love, so I thought I’d better walk my talk!

What inspires you?

Love, joy, authenticity, courage, the natural world, creating images that leave room for interpretation and some personal ownership of what may resonate with the viewer, people with the courage to truly be themselves, love.


What is it that you enjoy about photography as a medium?

Its immediacy and portability, the way you can share it instantly and globally. The quick feedback loop for growth, a great sense of freedom for experimentation (particularly with digital). Its universal nature, which enables me to travel with it and create connection across language and culture.

Who is your favourite photographer and why?

I don’t feel I have one, but on principal it would be someone who uses the fullness of their gift and abilities to better the world and bring richness, connection and opportunity for growth through their process.

Western Australia shark Bay photography Print

What do you enjoy photographing the most?

It varies considerably – whatever makes by blood boil, heart pump or imagine tickle at the time. It could be a random shaft of light, an environmentalist challenging the masses, a landscape revealed in its ultimate beauty, a musician deep in the present moment of their gift, two lovers meeting with their eyes… I work to keep open and find the beauty in most everything – which is sometimes a challenging invitation in itself!

Favourite camera/piece of equipment?

My 50mm 1.4 lens. Light, portable, inexpensive, very unassuming on camera and it takes kick ass images…

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