• A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. – Christopher Reeve


    Hilary Wardhaugh is an AIPP Accredited Master Photographer. She is a specialist portrait photographer and also educates and mentors in photography.
    The majority of Hilary’s professional photography practice is about photographing people so she finds it very therapeutic to explore other genres, especially documentary and the human landscape.
    Hilary is constantly thinking of the next concept to explore. She is a big idea person, driven, a hopeless romantic, an anxiety ridden show off and ever hopeful.

    One Fine Print art prints are all Pigment on Rag/cotton’ or ‘Giclee Prints’. Our photographs are all printed on high-quality, museum-grade cotton papers which are not mass produced and in some cases handmade. So each print has a unique character. The frames are made from quality Tasmanian oak mouldings, matted and immaculately presented. There are two sizes available: black or raw finish.

    Delivered and ready to hang in black OR raw Tasmanian oak frames.

    Medium Frame  102cm x 79cm $1550
    Large Frame      133cm x 100cm $1950

    Print Only

    Medium Print  76cm x 51m $1350
    Large Print      107cm x 71cm $1700

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