Story Behind the Print, Ripple Effect

Paul Hoelen spends much of the year travelling around Australia photographing landscapes and teaching photography workshops. When he isn’t travelling he calls Tasmania home.
From the photographer:
I had been looking at doing some aerial work in Tasmania for quite some time and had begun building a relationship with a local helicopter company in the Northwest.
One day when I was passing through I decided to stop by for a chat and quite spontaneously we decided that the forecast would be good the very next day for a flight.
It turned out to be way better conditions than either of had anticipated. It was dead calm with beautiful and soft overcast light.
The icing on the cake was timing our flight just as this boat was carving a line through the shallow inlet below creating a beautiful ripple effect that mirrored the patterns below the surface.

A Large Abstract Aerial Landscape photograph of water in green and white framed in raw timber on white wall