Story Behind the Print, The Waves Below

infrared photography print one fine print
infrared photography print one fine print

Mark Lobo is a Melbourne based photographer. But has spent time living in Hong Kong, Japan and the Sunshine Coast of Australia!
Mark combines technical precision with fun and colourful to form his own unique style.
From the photographer:
It was quite an overcast day with blistering, icy winds on top of Mt. Wellington in Tasmania. Walking around with my camera, I noticed that a gap was beginning to open up in the clouds below.
I walked out towards it, hoping for a bit of sun and a change in light, which always helps when shooting in infrared.
As the clouds began to roll by, I could see down through to the rolling hills and pastures below, which looked almost like roaring ocean waves in a storm.
I used my infrared camera to capture the ominous landscape, capturing a spectrum of light, invisible to the human eye, the result was other worldly and beautiful.