Story Behind the Print, Ritual

Australian Landscape photograh of trees in a misty/foggy day.
Australian Landscape photograh of trees in a misty/foggy day

From the Photographer: Mark Lobo

7 hours from Melbourne, in Victoria’s remote North Eastern Highlands is where you’ll find the beautiful Glen Valley.

I spent a week there with home base as a tent, while it played host to a one of a kind gathering of like minded individuals, ranging from passionate change makers to social entrepreneurs.

I was there to document everything that happened over several days and be a part of an inspiring community of good people. The days were long, but beautifully crisp and saw me waking up hours before most people, to prep for the day.

As a part of my morning ritual I would make a coffee and walk out with my camera and photograph what I could see.

This was from the first morning, where a fog had rolled in over the frosty Australian bushland. It was a beautiful sight to wake up to.