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Who are you and what are you about?

I am Fiona Parry-Jones interior designer and director of Von Haus Design Studio (instagram von_haus)

I am a small studio based on the Mornington Peninsula, specialising in residential interior design. We have recently just launched a new build service to our business for bathrooms and small spaces.

I started my journey as a fine artist in Wales where I am originally from and travelled around the world to Australia where my passion for colour led me into the world of interiors. I never imagined that I would be designing peoples homes for a living, and the favourite part of my job is stepping into peoples lives and helping them to express who they really are and aspire to be through the designs I create.

Describe your design style. 

My style is a colourful mix match of old and new. I am most comfortable surrounded by colour and pattern and my aim is to create colourful homes that ooze in personality.

What is your favourite place to find inspiration?

Since we moved to the peninsula the coast has become a great source of inspiration. Its a place to breathe and relax when life gets stressful and its on our doorstep now so I feel lucky. I am also finding great inspiration in instagram, There are so many talented people out there.

What is your design motto or mantra that you try and live by? 

My motto is you only live once so why not add colour.

The other one is life too short to be beige.

My mantra is you get what you get and don’t get upset! I like to make the best out of what I have and try to teach others the same when designing a home they love.

What would be your absolute dream project?

To design famous peoples houses on TV

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How important is art in a space? 

To me art is one of the most critical elements to designing a space.

I studied fine art at university and often will use art as the starting point for a colour scheme. I get annoyed when people think art is just a last minute thought to a home. I don’t think it has to be an expensive collection to have impact and evoke feeling in a space.

What advice would you give to a client when choosing art for their home?

Scale – this to me is very important, I hate to see the smallest print or painting stuck on a huge wall with no connection to its surroundings.

If you have small pieces collate them into a gallery wall. Oversized artworks look great behind a sofa or snuggly placed over a hall table. also get help hanging art. my pet hate is art floating in the ceiling space. It should be at eye level.

Which is your favourite One Fine Print and why? 

My favourite is Alluvial and it happened to be the first one I laid eyes on when stumbling across One Fine Print. It reminds me of home and has a serene calm which draws me in every time. The colours are perfect!

A horizontal abstract aerial photo of water taken in Australia in colour of blue, green and greyBuy this Print
Furniture and Art for interior design Moddboard

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