The Story Behind the Print: Hilary Wardhaugh Series From Iceland

A misty photographic image of icelandic landscape of beaches, sea and mountains in shades of blue

Hilary Wardhaugh’s stunning photographic series from Iceland has drawn quite a lot of attention and interest and late so we couldn’t think of a better time to share the story behind this amazing series.

From the Photographer: Hilary Wardhaugh

I have always been drawn to Iceland.

Growing up I always felt that Iceland and Greenland had a magical and mysterious quality.

I loath the term Bucket List but for some reason it seems that my trip to Iceland could have been the type of Bucket list item to do when you’re 50. So I did.


I’ve visited Iceland in winter. As a single mum my day to day life is a constant juggle of business, photography, mother and home-maker. I needed to experience something that was different from anything I have ever done. I wanted to visit Iceland, a country so far removed in distance, temperature, light and landscape.

I experienced sunrise at 11am and sunset at 3pm, howling winds, freezing wet cold and incredibly icy that it was impossible to stand without proper spikes on my shoes.

I appreciate good landscape photography but some form of human or man made element within an image which gives the landscape a narrative quality is what connects me emotionally to a landscape.

I work with simple equipment when I travel, preferring to only take one camera body and one lens; my 50mm F1.2.

It was a revelation being restricted to one point of view. Having to move my legs and my being to gain a different point of view was refreshing. It was also wonderful not to be weighted down by 20kg of gear, so liberating!

Images from Hilary’s Iceland series are on display in our Pop Up store at 327 Smith St Fitzroy until April 26th 2015 or online.


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