Our top 5 tips for selecting art for your home

At One Fine Print we firmly believe that our art prints should fit seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. Our prints belong with you; not on a gallery wall in a stark, intimidating space, where one must speak in hushed tones. Our art prints are best enjoyed in a warm, inviting place where you can kick off your shoes, host loud dinner parties and snuggle on the couch.

We know how much people labour over deciding which art print is right for them, so we’ve put together our thoughts on selecting the right art for your home.

One Fine Print’s tips for selecting art for your home

1.     Do you love it? If your heart leaps at the sight of a piece, you will always find a space on your walls for it. And if you hesitate, you might just miss out.

2.     Like what you like. Just because something is on trend, it doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for your home and lifestyle. Trust your instincts and go with the pieces that you are drawn to. Trends come and go but what you love won’t change.

3.     How does it make you feel? Does the piece speak to you? Perhaps it has a calming influence or takes you on a journey somewhere? Can you picture it in your home, and imagine how it will make you feel when you’re having your morning coffee? Will it be something you’ll enjoy talking about when hosting dinner parties? 

4.     Be Bold. You don’t have to be practical when choosing art for your home. Unlike a sofa, which needs to be functional, or other pieces in your home that may work better in neutral tones, art is an opportunity for expression through colour, mood and texture. Art doesn’t just enhance the appearance of your home, it brings life and dimension to it. It says something about you and makes the space more interesting for family, friends and guests.

5.     Buy once, buy well. Buying art might feel like a big investment, but it’s worth investing in quality pieces as they will bring you much enjoyment and will help stamp your home with your unique personality.

Abstract Art Red and brown aerial photo of the Western Australian landscape by Photographer Paul Hoelen

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