Art Prints from Australia and NZ

Australian Landscape photograh of trees in a misty/foggy day.
Australian Landscape photograh of trees in a misty/foggy day.

Ritual Print by Mark Lobo

Keeping it Local

Art Prints from Australia and NZ

Today we share prints that are from close to home and therefore close to our hearts, art prints from Australia and New Zealand.  We are all about the unexpected and this collection is no exception. We share with you snippets of Australia and the Australian landscape but they aren’t necessarily what you’d consider to be iconic Australia.

I really appreciate that our clients value that we are a small local business that supports Australian artists. More than ever it is important to support the arts and help creatives keep creating! Thank you for your support.

I hope this collection of art prints brings you joy and inspiration too.

Stay safe & best wishes from afar,

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Australian Aerial Art Print

Sinew Print by Paul Hoelen

From the photographer, Paul Hoelen:

The far northern reaches of Australia hold a richness of form and life like few places I’ve been. The six unique seasons of weather in the Kakadu region in the Northern Territory are heavily shaped by the cycles of water flow through the park. The flooding river systems in the wet season push volumes of river silt out to the coast which are beautifully revealed in varying shapes and patterns as the waters recede in the drier season that follows. Here is one such curving form, which to me presents like the sinewy tendons in the body.

Aerial Art Print of Yarra Valley

Poem Print by Elizabeth Bull

Art Print Australian Landscape in a Summer afternoon with orange and yellow clouds.

Summer Afternoon Print by Marty Schoo

Aerial photo of Lake Eyre of salt , sand and water

Kati Thanda III Print by Paul Hoelen

From the photographer, Paul Hoelen:

Kati Thanda – Lake Eyre is one of most remote, raw and powerful places I have yet experienced. Over 10,000 square km in scope, it’s almost impossible to fathom its breadth. When flying in the middle of the lake, you can’t see the edge of it whichever way you look!

The dream time story of its creation talks of it being formed from the skin of a kangaroo killed in a young boys right of passage. The dried out textures, subtle earthy tones and gentle folds of the landscape all seem to allude to this.

From the ground the lake seems flat and almost featureless, a feeling enhanced by the almost constant heat shimmer. But when you take to the air the colours begin to deepen and separate, intricate patterns are revealed, and the immense complexity of the landscape comes to life – giving an almost perfect palette for creating richly emotive abstract imagery

Landscape Art Print New Zealand

Focused Print by Elizabeth Bull

From the photographer, Elizabeth Bull:

The barren landscape appeals to me. I think this is because texture, shape and line are enhanced.
We’d spent time exploring the small club fields between Christchurch and Queenstown in New Zealand which were void of people or even trees and included many difficult to navigate dirt roads.

A horizontal abstract aerial photo of water taken in Australia in colour of blue, green and grey .

Alluvial Print by photographer, Paul Hoelen

Kati Thanda III Australian art printArt prints from Australia and New Zealand
Sinew Art Print Australian ArtRitual Australia Landscape Art Print