Meet the Photographer – Marty Schoo

Potrait of Marty Schoo

Meet One Fine Print Photographer: Marty Schoo

Collage - Marty Schoo

How did you get into photography?

Photography runs deep in my extended family with three uncles also photographers. I learnt the initial skills from my father, an enthusiast at the time. Travel then ultimately made my photography important to me.

What inspires you?

Capturing history. For me great photography no matter the genre captures a moment that viewers can relive, admire, remember, and reminisce with. Hearing words like ” Wow, where is that?” or “I would love to visit that place”, or “I wish I was there next to you when you captured that”, or “I’m glad you captured that, it won’t happen again” are nice to hear.

What is it that you enjoy about photography as a medium?

It’s immediacy and historical permanency, whilst still having so much scope for creativity in capture and presentation.

Who is your favourite photographer and why?

Ansel Adams for paving the way in influential landscape photography. In more recent times Christian Fletcher’s style resonated well with my own. I enjoy his approach to his photography and business as well as the environment.

What do you enjoy photographing the most?

Less-visited landscapes, both natural and human influenced. Then endeavouring to capture something different, something unique that people haven’t seen before. It’s rewarding.

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