Story Behind the Print, Going Home

Road in Iceland Art Print
Road in Iceland Art Print

Emma McEvoy is an award winning photographic artist from the beautiful coast of the Mornington Peninsula.
Emma’s passion for travel and nature has led her to create bodies of work in an array of breathtaking landscapes all over the world. From the mountains of New Zealand, to the glaciers of Iceland, and now most recently in her latest series, the desert plains of Africa.
From the photographer:
This image was taken while road tripping around Iceland during a 3 month long Artist residency.
Iceland is a country very close to my heart. A country that feels like home.
Whenever I would drive through the landscape and think I couldn’t possibly see anything more beautiful than what I just witnessed, I’d turn a corner and Iceland would provide me with something more soul-enriching, breath-taking & life-affirming to feast my eyes and lens on.
The wild beauty of the Icelandic landscape is like no where else on this earth. I feel like I belong here.

A abstract Iclandic Landscape photo of Mountains and snow in white ,brown and orange framed in raw timber on white wall