Story Behind the Art Print: Detours

Art Print US Landscape
Art Print US Landscape

Elizabeth Bull‘s Detours Print

About the photographer

Elizabeth Bull is a Melbourne based photographer, but at every opportunity you’ll find her travelling camera in hand. The art print Detours was captured during her travels in the USA.

Elizabeth is a highly acclaimed landscape photographer who has been working in the industry for over 10 years.  Inexorably drawn to the urban environment, her images are often heavily centred around shape and texture.

More often than not, Elizabeth’s award winning creative photography has been snapped in far-off, exotic lands as she embraces her other great passion – world exploration.

From the majestic mountain ranges of Hokkaido to the vibrant streets of Havana and the eclectic charm of Melbourne, Elizabeth immerses herself in the culture of the places that she visits, always camera in hand bringing back captivating images from her own unique perspective.

Recognising that many talented photographers lacked a means to share their distinctive imagery with the public, Elizabeth created One Fine Print. She is an active member of the Australian photographic community and continues to travel widely, telling stories through light, colour and composition.

Story Behind the Art Print: Detours


From the photographer:

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.”– Angela N. Blount

“I have a fondest for road trips through the United States. The landscape is diverse and ever changing. As we drove through Nevada, the light was spectacular so we diverted off the freeway so I could capture the fading afternoon light over the mountains we’d just left behind in Utah. The dry barren landscape and this old abandoned shack and camper were in stark contrast to the snowy mountain backdrop.”

This art print is limited to 20 editions.