Our favourite abstract art prints

An aerial photo of Lake Ayre in South Australia

Abstract art has put its stamp on the design community in recent years, and is a popular choice in homes across the world. Our abstract art prints captivate attention. They are a popular choice as they inspire you to view the world in another way and make for a great conversation point in any space. At first glance people see an abstract image of line, shape, colour and perhaps even mistake the photographic print as a painting. Only on closer inspection and discussion do people notice the subtle hints that the print is actually a cross section of the landscape.

Abstract Art Red and brown aerial photo of the Western Australian landscape by Photographer Paul HoelenBuy this print

The nice thing about an abstract photography art print is that it may isolate a fragment of a natural scene in order to remove its inherent context from the viewer, it may be purposely staged to create a seemingly unreal appearance from real objects, or it may involve the use of color, light, shadow, texture, shape and/or form to convey a feeling, sensation or impression.



existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.

“abstract concepts such as love or beauty”

relating to or denoting art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but rather seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, colours, and textures.

“abstract pictures”

non-representational, non-realistic, non-pictorial, symbolic, impressionistic

“I am searching for abstract ways of expressing reality, abstract forms that will enlighten my own mystery.” – Eric Cantona

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An abstract areial photographic print of the top of a green tree with dark background taken by Elizabeth Bull in Australia

From the photographer, Elizabeth Bull

“The first thing that strikes you about being in a hot air balloon is how peaceful it is. It’s so quiet. It really gives you an opportunity to see the world in a completely unobtrusive way.”

Buy this printAbstract art print aerial photo of inland Australian landscape in brown orange and grey coloursBuy this print
An aerial photo of inland Australian landscape in grey, brown colour.

From the photographer, Paul Hoelen:

“From the ground the lake seems flat and almost featureless, a feeling enhanced by the almost constant heat shimmer. But when you take to the air the colours begin to deepen and separate, intricate patterns are revealed, and the immense complexity of the landscape comes to life – giving an almost perfect palette for creating richly emotive abstract imagery.”

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One Fine Print Become an obstacleAn aerial landscape photo of Australia in brown yellow and silvery colour framed in a black timber frame above sofa
An aerial photo of inland Australian landscape in grey, brown colour framed in black timber above sofatimber.