Giving Art as a Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for that person celebrating a milestone event? Whether it be a wedding, a house warming or a big birthday celebration, giving art can be a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Here at One Fine Print we have a few solutions for you — whether it be a carefully selected print, a gift voucher, or wedding registery — we’re here to help when it comes to gifting art.

Selecting the print yourself adds a personal touch, but making the choice yourself can be tricky. We’ve put together our top five tips to help you choose art for someone else so that your effort is most appreciated (although, if you purchase from One Fine Print you’re assured they’ll get something they love thanks to our exchange option).

1. Consider the recipient
Are they an extrovert or an introvert? What colours do they wear the most? Do they like bold prints or muted tones? One of the key considerations in selecting a great piece of art for someone else is making the choice according to their personality and tastes — after all, they ’re the ones who are going to look at it every day (unless they don ’ t put it on their wall, which would be awkward the next time you go to their house).

2. Consider their environment
How much space does the recipient have? Do they really have room for that two-metre print?
What are the colours in their living space? If you were buying art for yourself, you ’d consider all aspects of your home environment to ensure that your new masterpiece fits with the decor. Be a pal and make the same assessment of the other person ’ s environment before giving them anything to put in it.

3. Make it unique
Without breaking rule number two, try to gift art that no one else has. Don ’ t be too generic or give art that looks like it was purchased at IKEA (framed photo of the Eiffel Tower, anyone?). You ideally want to give them something that makes them say ‘ Wow! ’ when they open it, and makes them think of you every time they walk past it.

4. Don’t give portraits.
Having a large face on your wall is quite intimidating, so giving someone else a large face to put on their wall is a bold move, and rarely a good one. The only exception to this rule is if the portrait is of someone they know — a close friend or relative — in which case the portrait probably holds some sentimental value.

5. Explain it
When you deliver your gift, be sure to explain it to the recipient — who the artist is, where they’re based, and why you chose this particular piece. Art is always better when you know the story behind it.

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Photographer: Peter Ryle Stylist: Jacqui Moore  for 2nd Chance tables and featuring One Fine Print Still Print