Story Behind the Print: Clouded

Mountain in cloud Art Print
Mountain in cloud Art Print

Christopher Tung, born and raised in Melbourne, is a landscape and travel photographer.

Chris’ love of travel and adventure has taken him to many inspiring places for his photography, from the great modern cities to some of the most amazing national parks and hiking trails. However, it is in the outdoors, where he draws his deepest influences. Carrying a camera with him on every adventure, he is able to capture the magnificent wonder and rugged beauty of nature.

Chris finds hiking is a great way to completely clear his mind of constant thoughts. Not only does he revel in the physical challenges of hiking, it is where he finds solace and inner peace.

Christopher Tung’s Clouded Print

Christopher Tung beautifully captures Yosemite Valley with a mountain in cloud art print.

From the photographer:

While I was walking the meadows in Yosemite Valley, the weather suddenly turned. One minute there was bright sunshine and the next, the clouds rolled in and it started to snow. A low hanging cloud had blown in and nestled itself into Half Dome. This highlighted the pine trees surviving on the edge of the granite rock and created a mysterious and unique view of the iconic Half Dome.

This art print is limited to 20 editions.


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