Story Behind the Print, Colour Spill

Paul Hoelen spends much of the year travelling around Australia photographing landscapes and teaching photography workshops. When he isn’t travelling he calls Tasmania home.
From the photographer:
We had actually organised a flight plan in completely the opposite direction, but just minutes after taking off into what seemed like clear skies, a band of cloud began forming and heading towards us at an alarming rate!
We quickly reversed course and raced out ahead of the approaching band to capture what we could before it was too a late.
We ended up in unchartered territory and it turned out to be the best flight of the whole trip.
We discovered so many unusual features it was quite literally a goldfield of abstract imagery. I love the way the rich colours here tend to bleed and spill out into each other as the ocean reaches in to meet the dry salty rivulets.

A large Abstract Aerial Landscape photo taken in Shark Bay, Australia with splash of colour in orange pink and blue framed raw timber on white wall