Story Behind the Print, Solitude I

A photograph of Africa desert
A photograph of Africa desert

Emma McEvoy is an award winning photographic artist from the beautiful coast of the Mornington Peninsula.
Emma’s passion for travel and nature has led her to create bodies of work in an array of breathtaking landscapes all over the world. From the mountains of New Zealand, to the glaciers of Iceland, and now most recently in her latest series, the desert plains of Africa.
From the photographer:
I spent the day just wandering through the middle of the Namibian desert, where you could see nothing but sand dunes for miles. With every picture I took, I became more obsessed to keep taking pictures.
Each shot was so unique. The different patterns and formations in the sand, the way the light and shadow created different effects as the sun moved across the sky, the subtle changing tones in the sand.
I began to notice the smaller details that you may miss in a more diverse landscape. The desert demands your attention and you give it. I’ve never felt so present.
I walked for hours through the dunes in absolute awe, feeling like I was walking through a giant abstract painting. The vastness, the history and the beauty of the desert is unlike anything on Earth.