Story Behind the Print, Volcanic Ash

Glacier Iceland Photography Print
Glacier Iceland Photography Print

Christopher Tung, born and raised in Melbourne, is a landscape and travel photographer.
Chris’ love of travel and adventure has taken him to many inspiring places for his photography, from the great modern cities to some of the most amazing national parks and hiking trails. However, it is in the outdoors, where he draws his deepest influences. Carrying a camera with him on every adventure, he is able to capture the magnificent wonder and rugged beauty of nature.
From the photographer:
This photo was taken on a glacier hike adventure in Southern Iceland at Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon (Falling Glacier Lagoon). This photo captures a hundred-year-old iceberg, which has broken off from the main glacier, floating and melting into the lagoon.
This was one of the largest and most impressive icebergs that we were able to approach. I was mesmerised by it’s shape, size and colour and how something so immense could float serenely along with the wind and fog.

Large Blue and white Icelandic landscape of water, sky, glacier and snow. Framed in raw timber on white wall