The story behind the print: Every Doorway


The story behind the print:
Alan Moyle
Every Doorway

Every doorway, every intersection has a story – Katherine Dunn

From the photographer

There was once a time where my camera was with me, always. I was always constantly shooting and working on images. As the reality of becoming a busy photographer started to take over, I needed to have some down time, a time without the camera. A time to just enjoy. I got bored of that quite quickly as there were too many things I was seeing but not able to capture. I guess thats why i’m addicted to the medium, that is photography.

I started to go back to places that I’d previously visited but this time with a camera. Capturing the shots I’d missed. This image is one of those reclaimed untaken images.

I remember my first trip to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. It was for the judging of a photographic awards. Year 2 at Uni and I was the quiet one watching prints be judged and also keeping an eye on the photographers i was to shy to talk to, some of the top in the industry. Many of those judges have turned into my friends now and i’ve returned to the building to judge prints myself.
The exhibition centre is a special place for me, it’s a place of learning, or exploring and expanding your outlook be it via a business summit, a home show or a lifestyle show, there is always something in the building that can evokes thought.