Story Behind the Print, Deadvlei

A abstract photo of Africa Landscape in yellow, gol and blue,

Emma McEvoy is an award winning photographic artist from the beautiful coast of the Mornington Peninsula.
Emma’s passion for travel and nature has led her to create bodies of work in an array of breathtaking landscapes all over the world. From the mountains of New Zealand, to the glaciers of Iceland, and now most recently in her latest series, the desert plains of Africa.
From the photographer:
Deadvlei is one of the top destinations to visit in Namibia. Typically I avoid all of the touristy areas at all costs when I’m travelling…sometimes however, I have to give in and ignore my ego and visit a place because it seems too beautiful not to.
I made the decision to go later in the day because I knew that most tourists visited in the morning.
I am SO glad I did because the bus loads of tourists just started to leave as I arrived and I had this incredibly magical place all to myself.
This is one of those surreal places where mother nature leaves you absolutely speechless. I was so inspired by this landscape that I returned the next morning, despite the tourists and was equally as gobsmacked.

A abstract photo of Africa Landscape in yellow, gol and blue framed in raw timber on white wall