Home Consultations

So, you’ve decided you brighten your home and walls with some artwork. But you aren’t sure what to get, or where to put it.

Or, perhaps you’ve found the perfect place for a print, and now all you have to do is find it.

You might have looked around online, or visited some print shops. You may have even read our previous post about how to choose a print.

But, you still can’t decide. There are a couple of pieces you like, but you just don’t know how they will look. If only you could try them on the wall before you have to make a purchase…

We can help!

We understand how hard it can be choosing a print. Buying art can be a satisfying, yet expensive, investment. That’s why we offer in-house consultations to give you peace of mind that you’ve made the right decision.

How it works

You pick two — three of your favourite prints and get in touch with us to have a chat. We’ll arrange a time to bring your print options to your home, and discuss what will work best with your style and space.

We like waiting as much as the next person, so we fit your appointment to suit your schedule. That includes after hours.

There’s absolutely no obligation to make a purchase, but if you find something that’s the right fit you can take it straight away!

“The help and advice we received with the style and size of images for our home was fantastic.

We felt sincerely really comfortable and reassured that we had chosen the right pieces.” – Jessica & Jason

What if I don’t live in Melbourne?

If you aren’t local, you don’t miss out on this service altogether. If you’d like to see how your room would look with different prints options, just take a photograph of your space with an A4 piece of paper on the wall (for scale) and we’ll send you back the image with your selected prints.